The Best Damn Tequila Seltzer

You might have come across quite a few Tequila seltzers. We'd like to say ours is the best. Now what gives us the right to do that?

We to start with, we're one of the few that uses 100% de agave Tequila. Cayman Jack, Volley, Onda, Ranch Rider and Mamitas seltzers don't do that. Maybe that's why they haven't received gold medals like the ones above for their taste.

We're also the only tequila seltzer that's both organic and uses 100% de Agave Tequila. Sorry Cazadores, that knocks you out.

And finaly, we are the only tequila seltzer that gives a proportion of it's profits to schools in underfunded school districts. To be honest, we wish we weren;t the only ones in that category.

Now it's time for you to make up your mind. Use our free shipping discount to bet some Damn Right shipped to your door, then tell us what you think !